Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Favourite lippies & lip combos

Hey guys!

 I know it’s been a hot minute since I’ve published anything but I’m back now. Throughout the month of February I’ve been obsessed with lipsticks and lip liners and these and my most worn ones. I have been obsessed with the matte lips lately and my favourite ones are from Gerard Cosmetics. I own one of their liquid lipsticks in the shade Serenity and I am in love with that shade, what I love most about their formula is the fact that it isn’t patchy and doesn’t sink into the lines of your lips, it is safe to say I will be going back for more.

I also loved the lipsticks I brought, in the shades; Vintage rose, 1995 and Nude. They are all matte shades and I would say Nude and 1995 I reach for the most. I feel like this brand is really good quality, the packaging is to die for, they have a great scent, are long lasting and have a great price range.

When it comes to the lip liners, they are a great cheaper alternative than lipsticks, and also using lip liners before applying lipstick will maximize the longevity. The brand Essence makes some of the best lip liners and I use the shades Satin Mauve, In the Nude and Wish me a Rose religiously. They retail for $2.50 each and it will be something I will always repurchase.

My favourite combos at the moment, is the lip liner In the Mauve and the Gerard lipstick in the shade Nude. It creates the most beautiful browny nude. I love Vintage Rose but I feel like its little too pink for my liking, so I always mix it with the Essence lip liner in the shade In the Nude and it creates the perfect shade.