Sunday, 18 January 2015

Coconut Oil 101

Benefits of Coconut Oil

As I have been using coconut oil for months now, I have seen dramatic changes in my skin, eyelashes, eyebrows and hair. I have sensitive, normal to combination skin. As soon I started using coconut oil I saw dramatic improvement in my skin, not only was it hydrating, but it also gave me a glow and reduced my breakouts naturally. I used this product as an eye cream, lash and eyebrow growth serum. I noticed that my eyebrows and lashes were growing thicker, longer and faster. I used the product on my hair as a deep conditioner, I would put the product in my hair overnight and rinse off with shampoo and conditioner  the next day, leaving my hair silky smooth. If you are struggling with dry skin you need to check this organic product out, your skin will drink it up and will thank you!

Other benefits
o   Boost metabolism
Coconut oil boosts metabolism. Researchers found that people who consumed two tablespoons of coconut oil per day burned more kilojoules than those who consumed less. A speedy metabolism helps boost the body's immune system and keep weight off.

o   Slows fine lines

It’s a wonderfully hydrating treat for skin too. It keeps the skin's connective tissues strong, which prevents sagging and wrinkles. 

o   Control weight

Instead of using butter or and other type of oil, using coconut oil is better for your health, and will help in your weight loss journey. (Using coconut oil in your meals doesn't mean that all your meal are going to taste like coconut.)

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Top 2 Places to visit in Istanbul, Turkey

Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque it was built right next to the Hagia Sophia, it was commissioned by Sultan Ahmet when he was only 19 years old, and construction work began in 1609 and took seven years. The architecture alone of the Blue Mosques, is so inspiring and one of a kind. One of the most famous features of the Blue Mosque is visible from far away: its six minarets. This is very unique, as most mosques have four, two, or just one minaret. Inside, the high ceiling is lined with the 20,000 blue tiles that gave the mosque its popular name. Fine examples of 16th-century design, the oldest tiles feature flowers and abstract patterns. The overall effect is one of the most beautiful sights in Istanbul.
The Maiden Tower/Kiz Kulesi

Kiz Kulesi

The Maiden Tower is found 150-200 of the shore in Uskudar, were you can take a boat to get to your destination. Kiz Kulesi is also a five star restaurant on the first floor, there are numerous painting of true stories that have occurred in Kiz Kulesi on the second floor and a bar on the third floor with an amazing view of Istanbul. It also a place were many movies have been shot for example; the James bond movie.
The Princess Legend Story:
Once upon a time a fortune teller makes the prediction to the King that his daughter will die as a result of a snakebite. Shortly after the King has a castle built in the middle of the sea for her daughter to protect her. As time passes the girl grows us up, however the prediction by the fortune teller was becoming reality, as the snake was hiding in the fruit basket carried to the princess bites and kills her.